It all starts with your base product – the wood species. All of our lumber is responsibly sourced from certified vendors. We have an extensive network of suppliers that can provide reclaimed and antique material.

Different species have different qualities with diverse textures and finishes to complement any setting. We use a variety of species from North America and Europe. Whether we are working with an interior style that is traditional, contemporary, rococo or rustic, we work closely with the client and design team to achieve the optimal aesthetic for every project

Our featured species are highlighted here. We also use antique reclaimed materials to offer a variety of wide plank flooring in diverse textures and finishes to complement any setting.

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French Oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species because of its grain pattern and natural color patina.

It plays a significant role in French wine making. Because of this it has higher tannin content than any other Oak around the world. This paired with our custom reactive stains creates an authentic Olde world look suitable for any residential or commercial project.

Our French Oak is imported direct from France and has a certificate of origin to prove its authenticity.


Coveted for its color in its natural state, American Black Walnut is harvested primarily from the Midwestern region of the United States. Trees native to this region produce a broad timber which we enjoy manufacturing into a wider width plank floor.

Known for its beautiful, refined curvaceous-grained timber, it has an attractive grain pattern showcasing highly decorative figuring. One of our favorite distressing techniques to customize our Walnut flooring even further is our Hand Scrape.

Walnut being one of the softer wood species makes a handsome addition to any home or feature wall.


One of the most classically traditional hardwood flooring species, our white oak is featured in both a Plain Sawn or Flat (Cathedral) cut as well as a Rift Sawn or Rift and Quarter Sawn cut of wood.

Its rich grain and light natural tones accept a variety of textures including several of our hand distressing techniques. One of the most popular textures is a Wire Brushed surface. This added texturizing will highlight the grain lines complimenting the natural hue of white oak.

Not only does white oak have an excellent hardness rating, it also has one of the more uniform color pallets accepting an assortment of lighter stains and finishes.


Among the hardest and strongest of woods native to the United States, Hickory creates an excellent surface for both residential and commercial based projects.

Infusing a Rustic, well-defined grain aesthetic, Hickory flooring can complement a more pastoral design intent while contrasting the most elegant of spaces.

Known for its richly bold Heartwood and Sapwood flowing simultaneously throughout, Hickory showcases a sharp contrasting grain pattern. By utilizing a custom acid wash, we even out these oppositional tones creating an overall uniform, balanced finish.


Centuries old weatherworn timbers are reclaimed from various locations throughout the world – warehouses, farmhouses, French chateaux and barns.

Olde Savannah Flooring offers a wide variety of antique and reclaimed woods such as Antique French Oak, Antique Chestnut, Reclaimed Barnwood, Antique Heart of Pine and Reclaimed American White Oak.

The unique Olde Savannah salvage and reconstruction process preserves the original grandeur, integrity and patina of these antique materials. Our finishing process further enhances the natural beauty of the aging. Both wide plank and intricate parquet patterns can be completely customized from these one-of-a-kind treasures.