We believe that flooring should be treated like furniture, and we care for it as such. Our proprietary blend of oils and waxes are applied by hand to each wood plank to achieve custom textures and colors that will result in a rich and lasting patina.

Established in 1992, Olde Savannah Flooring started to replicate the traditional authentic woodworking techniques found in historic homes and grand architectural buildings throughout North America and Europe.

Today our passion has established Olde Savannah Flooring as one of the world’s finest custom wood flooring firms. Our work can be seen in magazines like Architectural Digest, Departures, Veranda and Florida Design, and experienced in many of the world’s top hotels, retailers, and private residences around the world.

Whether custom plank, parquet, or paired with stone, we work with a variety of techniques that adapt to various architectural styles. From sourcing a variety of wood species to on-site installation, our skilled staff will help you create custom designs for residential and commercial use.

Our environmentally-conscious 110,000 square foot facility sits just outside of Atlanta and houses our entire production efforts – from receiving raw materials to creating the finished floors. Our facility has state of the art machinery and equipment, administrative offices, a product development lab, showroom and distribution center.

We welcome customers to discover our vertically integrated space where they can view all of our production processes.

What makes Olde Savannah Flooring truly unique are its people – the skilled craftsmen that employ centuries-old woodworking techniques, our customer focused internal staff and our knowledgeable network of salespeople throughout the U.S., trained to help designers, contractors, residential homeowners and commercial property managers design and purchase our custom floors. This seemingly large operation still maintains the down-to-earth attitude that it did when it was first founded.


Bill is the CEO of Olde Savannah Flooring as well as its chief strategist and visionary. He has been engaged in the hardwood flooring industry in both manufacturing and contracting since 1992. After finding it difficult to source high quality hardwood flooring, he founded Olde Savannah Flooring in 1998. He has an extensive background in wood finishing and has attended prestigious wood finishing schools in Europe and the United States to learn techniques from master craftsmen. In addition, Riley has worked with top furniture craftsman employed by various museums in Europe.