Colors & Finishes

Custom colors, distressing and finishes give your hardwood floors the aesthetic and enduring patina for a truly custom look as well as providing superior protection and easy maintenance.

Our color specialists will formulate custom colors to suit all your aesthetic requirements. We use the highest quality stains and dyes to give your floor an unparalleled depth of color. We can create or replicate any color you desire.

When you want a timeless look, we can hand distress your floors using techniques such as hand planing, acid washing, and wire brushing.


Olde Savannah Flooring is known for our Hand Rubbed Oil Finished flooring. Multiple coats of specially formulated natural Tung oils and resins are hand applied to our flooring giving them an enduring patina that is easily maintained and well protected. Over the years a well-maintained oiled floor is further enriched in both strength and character. The fundamental characteristics of our oil finish add a depth of color to any custom floor unparalleled in today’s flooring market.


Europeans have used his method for generations. The color is infused into the oil which accentuates the woods natural grain. The finish presents a lower sheen and gives a classically elegant finish similar to a wax finish. Our European oil finish performs best on French Oak and when maintained, is ideal for a long lasting enriched patina.


This finish is ideal for a machine finish. It presents a harder finish so there is less chance of scratching. The appearance is more uniform in color and, like all our finishes, it is hand applied for a custom look. This finish is already cured and cures faster than any other finish we use.


This is a ceramic finish that is manipulated by hand to achieve a more traditional look. This finish is ideal for high traffic areas, including restaurants, hotels and other commercial applications. It is one of the hardest finishes in the industry.